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Re: Ridge Test Results

 Hi Nate,

If you are not yet quite fully submerged with good ideas and things to 
check....when you have the groundstation setup ready to track satellites you 
could easily verify how well it can hear by checking signals from any of 
these cubesats which are presently providing continous beacons in morse 

I checked them all yesterday and even on a very simple, non directional 
"whip" antenna the signals from each of them were all easily detectable - 
without any preamp in front of the IC910 (but with better coax than you 

Their designations and frequencies ( +/- upto 9kHz of doppler) are below:

CO 55 Cute 1 - 436.8375 MHz CW going strong   -  almost 5 years old
CO56 Cute 1.7 -  437.3850 MHz Continuous carrier - makes a nice beacon
CO 57  Xi-IV  - 436.8475 MHz CW going strong -
CO 58 Xi-V  - 437.4650 MHz  CW going strong  - approx 2.5 years old - was 
deployed from SSETI Express

With your directional CP antennas (with the preamp up the mast) and the 
tracking/rotator configuration working well - you should receive really 
strong signals from these satellites - even though their output power is 
around 60mW only.

As you may be aware we are waiting for another launch next Monday so after 
then there should be even more signals to listen for!

good luck

Graham G3VZV 

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