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It was a pleasure to work with you on UO-11 Clive. I still listen for her at least a couple of times a week, last time was yesterday. And, I will continue to do so in the future.

73 Jeff kb2m 

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From: Clive Wallis <clivew@zetnet.co.uk> 

> 21 April 2008 
> In the years ahead, it is possible that you may hear OSCAR-11, by accident, 
> when tuning round the frequency. If you are able to record the satellite on 
> audio tape or as a WAV file (not MP3), please do so, as it is unlikely 
> that it will be heard on the next pass! 
> Please send reception reports to xxxxx@amsat.org (replace xxxxx by 
> g3cwv) or post to amsat-bb. If you have a file, please let me know what 
> you have, before sending it! 
> If you need to hear what the satellite sounds like, please visit my website 
> www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/ The satellite transmits on 145.826 MHz. set 
> receiver to NBFM. 
> ---------------------------- 
> This is the 144th monthly report for OSCAR-11. Unless there is an 
> unexpected change of status (such as occured with OSCAR-7), I'm expecting 
> this to be my last report. 
> This report covers the period from 17 March to 21 April 2008. During 
> this period the satellite has not been heard and no reports of reception 
> have been received. 
> Transmissions were expected to resume on 24 March, after the beacon 
> switched-off on 14 March. However, permanent eclipses started a few days 
> beforehand, which probably caused the transmission period to be terminated 
> prematurely. It is now unlikely that the satellite will support any 
> sustained period of operation, and will only transmit for a short time, 
> possibly less than a single orbit, every 21 days. 
> I am indebted to all those who sent reception reports during the last 12 
> years. Initially there was much interest in hearing the mode-S beacon, 
> which was very weak. Recently, interest has changed to hearing when the 
> two metre beacon switched on/off. Special thanks must go to Jeff KB2M who 
> recorded telemetry during my holidays, and Peter ZL3TC, who has monitored 
> the beacon daily, during recent months. Many thanks to everyone. 
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