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Re: LEO antennas

Yes, there are several easy ways to improve the antenna system, I just went through the same thing, and got tired of having to go out in the back yard.
1. Use the arrow antenna, but as everyone says, be careful not to go over? the ten watt? duplexer limit. 

2. Obtain- buy-build a simple 2meter beam,5- 7 elements, and obtain a small 432 beam...11 elements?? Something like that.? Use those with your? U-100 elevation rotor, it will work fine, and better than the Arrow, I imagine.? Not sure what rig you want to use, but you? will have to decide? whether to use two feedlines, or one with a duplexer. Depends on the rig I guess. 
?I would not go too big on the antennas, you dont want such a narrow angle? that you have to constantly tweak the beams.? I went from an elk? (similar to the Arrow) to 7 elements on 144 and 10 elements on 432,,, BIG difference in what I hear, and l how long I hear? passes. And, I mounted mine on a small tripod on the roof of my house... even that helped, not having houses or trees in the way of the low elevation passes. 
Circular polarization is nice, you may decide to make that upgrade as well someday, but not necessary, mount one vertically one horizontally, or maybe mount them both at 45 degree angle...I think you will be amazed at the improvement.
I'm no expert, by any means, but just went through the same process you are going through. Nice to be in the house. 
Bob W0DXZ DM33 
Sun City AZ. 
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