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Re: SatPC32 and ICOM 910H question


First make sure that you have selected VO-52 and it is the currently active 
satellite.  The satellite you have selected will be listed on the top bar of 
the program window and highlighted on the screen.
Next click on CAT in the menu bar to open the CAT Tuning window.  The window 
should display one line, "135900/435250 USB/LSB"
Click on the C-, which changes to C+, just below your QTH location in the 
upper left, for CAT operation.
I suspect you are already doing all of this correctly.
When you put SATPC32 into CAT mode (C+) for VO-52, the following should 
-  The IC-910H should switch to Normal satellite mode.
-  The Upper band on the radio should switch to VHF, USB, 145,900,000 minus 
doppler correction (assuming rising satellite).
-  The Lower band on the radio should switch to UHF, LSB, 435,250,000 plus 
doppler correction.
Check the last 3 items before proceding.  I sometimes have to repeat the C+, 
C-, C+ steps before the radio and SATPC32 synch up.
-  When you key the microphone, the lower UHF band should transmit - VO-52 
is U/v, UHF uplink, VHF downlink, opposite of AO-51...
-  While transmitting, you can adjust the uplink or the downlink in the CAT 
window to get the pair tuned properly.
Once that is done, you can tune up and down the translator bandwidth to find 
other stations.

I hope this helps.  If not email me directly with a step by step discription 
of what is happening.

John Kopala

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I am trying to learn how to use SatPC32 for Doppler correction on the
SSB birds.  I have run into a "brick wall" in terms of how it is
operating that is giving me some fits.

When I put SatPC32 into CAT mode, the radio shifts into the appropriate
frequencies but it wont transmit on the right band.  When I press the
M/S to swap the displays around so that it will transmit on the correct
band, the radio stops adjusting to what is shown on the SatPC32 display.

Can someone point out what I am doing wrong or do I need to change to
one or more of the config files in SatPC32 ?


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