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Great ISS Voice pass today, solid S9

>From my car in Boston MA, signals were S9 for over 5
minutes.  Good Audio too.
I was not able to hear the answers for questions 1-4,
the rest were solid copy.

Icom ID-800, Magmount dual band antenna.

Central Middle School is the oldest school in
Parsippany, with the 
original structure dating back to 1928. Central
presently has a 
student population of 800 students which include
families who
speak Spanish, Mandarin, Gujarati, Farsi, Russian and
Garrett Reisman attended Central Middle School from
1981 to 1982.

Participants will ask as many of the following
questions as time 
1. Do you wear a space suit during liftoff, and if so
- why? 
2. If you could bring anything from space back to
earth, what would 
it be and why? 
3. How would you evacuate the space station if there
was a problem? 
4. What kind of research is being performed during
your assignment? 
5. Who or what inspired you to become an astronaut? 
6. Is the ISS stationary or does it revolve around the
7. Does a regular watch tell the same time in space as
it would on 
8. Does working in low gravity bring fatigue faster or
slower than it 
would on earth? 
9. Is it difficult sleeping with zero gravity? 
10. What is your main job as an astronaut? 
11. What do you most enjoy doing while you are on the
12. What foods do you like most while you are aboard
the ISS? 
13. What does Earth look like from space? Can you see
cities and 
14. What would you do if someone got sick on the
15. How do you brush your teeth and take a bath on the
16. What special fitness training is necessary when
preparing for a 
17. Does working in low gravity bring fatigue faster
or slower than 
it would on earth? 
18. Since there is no weight in space, is there

Information about the upcoming ARISS contacts can be
found at 
http://www.rac. ca/ariss/ upcoming. htm#NextContact .
Packet is 
transmitted on 145.825 simplex.

Next planned event(s): 
National Science Museum of Korea, Daejon, Republic of
18 01:35 UTC 

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