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Re: Cubesat question

William Leijenaar wrote:
> However, now I am stuck with the question what the standards are
 > for mounting hardware in cubesat structures.

Although the CubeSat ICD specifies the external dimensions, there is no 
standard size of PCB or mounting scheme. Each university will come up 
their own internal arrangement, mounting scheme, and internal 
connectors, when designing their structure.

Some groups will use the off-the-shelf CubeSat Kit from the folks at 
They may buy the Pumpkin structure and/or electronics, so they will 
design their custom modules to be compatible with that. So, if you 
wanted your transponder design to be ready to drop-in to a CubeSat Kit, 
you should follow their board-outline and mounting points. You can get 
the specifics from the CubeSat Kit Breakout Board Datasheet: 

The folks at The Stensat Group, designed a 2m/70cm transceiver for 
Libertad-1 and their fit theirs on a Pumpkin CubeSat Kit form-factor 
PCB. See http://www.stensat.org/satellites.htm

I hope you find this information of use.

-Daniel, VA3KKZ

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