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Re: Anyone looking for Grid Squares in Nevada like DM25 ?

Many thanks to those that replied to this message.  I started the first 
tests today of the equipment that I hope to be taking on the trip.  The 
way it looks right now, I will be taking two radios so that I can run 
full duplex.  My uplink so far has been an ICOM ICT2H and the downlink 
is an ICOM ICU82.  Today I tested using a 1/4 wave mag mount for uplink 
and 5/8 wave mag mount for UHF.  Since the SSB birds seem to require 
more power than I can provide using a handheld, I will probably limit 
myself to the FM birds.  Dont know if I will try to take one of my 
FT817s so I can also try AO-16.  Will have to see how the testing goes.

On the passes later today or tomorrow, I will shift to using a 3 element 
Arrow UHF handheld antenna.  I will probably take both antennas with me 
so that if weather is bad, I will use the UHF mag mount for downlink and 
if the weather is good, I will use the Arrow UHF beam.  On both downlink 
antenna setups, I will use my ARR UHF preamp and a mode J filter to keep 
from having receive problems.

To keep my position reports accurate, I plan on taking a Garmin eTrex 
GPS so that I will know the exact grid that I am in.  Dont know if I 
will try to take my arrow dual band antenna or not.  I do have the model 
with the split boom model.  Since I will have to put it in the checked 
luggage, I am thinking about using some PVC pipe and coming up with a 
small case that will fit in the luggage to keep the antenna from getting 
crushed during the flight out.


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