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Anyone looking for Grid Squares in Nevada like DM25 ?

I will be making a trip to Las Vegas to see some vendors in a couple of 
weeks and am thinking about taking an ultra-lite station with me to work 
the FM birds the first day while I am out there.  The best day I can 
hope to work the birds will be 4/28. Satscape indicates the following 
passes will be available -

SO-50 [+]           28 APR 2008    09:42:48    337     26 (AZ 046)
AO-51 [+]           28 APR 2008    09:49:28    001     30 (AZ 293)
SO-50 [+]           28 APR 2008    11:23:29    322     43 (AZ 249)
AO-27 [+]           28 APR 2008    15:21:09    155     59 (AZ 073)
AO-27 [+]           28 APR 2008    17:02:11    210     15 (AZ 269)
AO-51 [+]           28 APR 2008    19:22:53    143     36 (AZ 066)
AO-51 [+]           28 APR 2008    21:02:02    197     25 (AZ 269)

The times listed are in CDT, I didnt get the conversion made for PDT 
when I ran these calculations.  I am planning on taking 2 handhelds - 
one for uplink and one for downlink so I can run full duplex.  Planning 
on using 1/4 wave 2 mtr mag mount and 5/8 wave 70cm mag mount for 
antennas.  I used DM25 as a beginning reference for the pass calcs. 
Will be within 2 to 3 hours of Las Vegas and North during most of the 

I havent flown with ham gear since before 9/11.  Anything I need to know 
to be prepared to deal with TSA ?  I plan on putting the mag antennas in 
the check-in luggage and will put the handhelds in a Pelican case that 
will have some recording gear I will be using to record some interviews 
for a radio show that I do.  No promises that I will get to appear on 
any or all of the passes but I will do my best.



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