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Re: Re-purposing ATVs

Hi Guys,
I am not being negative and "Yes if Only"     - However  there is more than 
the provision of amateur radio equipment and antennas to  consider.
It would not meet with the original objectives for the spacecraft -  Apart 
from the consideration of the rubbish
on board it would become another piece of "junk" in space and  therefore a 
hazard especially when it starts
to fall into the orbit paths of other spacecraft.
Someone would have to be responsible to monitor and control this aspect  
which among many other considerations would I regret mean it would be  rejected.  
Don't forget that this is only the first of a number 
 of these spacecraft to be launched and the past few weeks with the  dummy 
runs being used as part of a
procedure for the future.
This area alone must have cost a significant amount time and  money for the 
Safety Cases,Risk Assessment, documentation ,training etc.  etc. etc.
I regret to say I do not think that we would have any positive agreement  for 
a re-run of these costs just for the
sake of amateur radio.
I am sure that the "SuitSat" team and others participating in some of our  
projects could confirm the way things have changed since our earlier  days. The 
process and current difficulties in time and costs  now  do
mean it is very hard going for our hobby sad to say.
Ideas are always worth listening to and also prove a useful learning  curve 
to all, so thanks for your proposal
and I really do wish that it could be adopted.
Ken Eaton
Amsat -UK
Amsat NA  

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