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Re: ARR pre amp Query

At 12:29 PM 4/2/2008, Nate Duehr wrote:

>On Mar 31, 2008, at 2:11 PM, John W Lee wrote:
> >
> > I have an FT-847 with the good internal preamps.
> > The  ARR  SP432VDG even makes this setup BETTER!
> > I use both the internal and SP-432VDG.  Signals are
> > mostly VERY good.   Also use a 20 element beam on the downlink.
>For those interested, there was a nice discussion of how to calculate
>the noise figure of cascaded pre-amps on the Repeater-Builder mailing
>list about two weeks ago.
>The postings should be pretty easy to find in the RB list's archives
>at YahooGroups.
>If you're not interested in Repeaters, you can always join a
>YahooGroup (if the list is on YahooGroups) and set your preferences to
>"no e-mail", so you can read list archives, look in the Files area, etc.
>Nate Duehr, WY0X

OR...you can click on this link to my website for a spreadsheet that 
calculates noise figure, noise temperature, and MDS for three 
cascaded stages.  The  whole spreadsheet which will calculate eme 
path-link performance for two stations.  But the first section deals 
with calculating noise figure.


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