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Re: ARR pre amp Query

Very timely discussion for me as the snow sloooowwly disappears and the
return of the Canada geese and robins signals the time for tower work :-)

Some previous comments suggest that a preamp near the rig is not
significant, but, I suggest otherwise as my Ft-847 internal preamps can make
a significant difference in RX.  Anecdotal, not empirical, but I can hear
the diff at the push of a button.

Now, I am consider mast mounted preamps as an alternative to my FT-847
internal preamps for one of my sites. I run Landwehr VHF and UHF preamps at
2 other locations and they are terrific!  They are also almost 20 years old
and no longer available :-(

The preamps on the AR2 site look like what I could use.

My questions are...  Is the sequencer


really necessary or recommended when using the MSP432VD-25 or MSP144VDG-25
preamps?  My first thought is NO.  15-20 years of use of 4 Landwehr preamps
without a sequencer is my rational.

Finally, does anyone have a nice "warranty voiding" hack to get around the
these different power connectors we see on indoor preamps and down
converters such as my KEPS http://www.keps.it/images/13lnc72db_m.jpg ?
Instead of soldering to the pin and a ground lug


Something as simple as removing the connector from the case and running a
cable through the remaining hole, soldered internally with something like
Anderson Power Poles at the other end for 12VDC?????  I'm going to do it one
day, but would rather have someone else confirm that it would work without
adversely effecting performance characteristics.  No guts; no glory here.  

Thanks for any feedback

73, Alan VE4YZ

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