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Re: ARR pre amp Query

The more expensive "mast mounted" versions
(MSP432VDG-160, $240 and MSP432VDG-25, $190) come with
a power connector, but the RF switched SP432VDG, $120
(25w rating) does not.  You have to solder or clip the
wire for the +13vdc to the top of a feedthrough, and
the wire for the -13vdc to a solder lug attached to a
screw on the chassis.  Yes, a bit crude.  See

By the way, the "RF switched" preamps come standard
with BNC connectors.  You can buy them with N
connectors for an extra $10, but they will not sell
them with UHF connectors (SO-239).  The "mast mounted"
versions come standard with N connectors.

73, Bill NZ5N

>>Hi Bob,

The Advanced Receiver pre-amp that I purchased
(MSP432VDG-160) came with the 
power connector. You will need to solder the wires to
the connector. I found 
some old RG-58 that I used to run the power to it.

Very nice pre-amp by the way.

73, Jeff
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>I am thinking aobut ordering an ARR pre amp for
432,,, I see the pin for 
>12V DC,,, what type of connector does this take, or
do you have to solder 
>the? wire to the pin? That seems a bit crude.
> Canby one use the ARR product, and how do you
connect the 12V to it?

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