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Re: Preamp for a Mobile Application

I have used a Comet CF-160 duplexer to split the vhf and uhf to seperate 
antennas.  From the UHF side, I used a 3 element uhf beam with no 
amplifier and have had very good results with all the FM birds.  In most 
cases I used a 1/4 wave mag mount on vhf for the uplink.

In a mobile situation, I dont know that it is that critical where the 
amplifier is mounted since the coax run will be less than 15 ft in most 
cases.  I have used advanced receiver research amplifiers which are in a 
  2x2x.5 form factor.  I think they have a switching amp model as well.

AMSAT Mo Coordinator

Kent R. Frazier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am really enjoying the satellite aspect of the hobby and have enjoyed the
> contacts I have made with my Icom IC-2720H with a 19" whip antenna from my
> vehicle. I have seen talk recently of using a preamp to improve the
> reception. From what I've read and understand, it appears that a "switching"
> preamp is needed for a setup using only one antenna for Tx and Rx such as
> mine. Is this correct?
> It also appears that most of the preamps are mast mounted. Since this would
> not be an option for me can the preamp be put near the transceiver? Are
> there any issues that result of doing so?
> Lastly, what preamp(s) would you recommend for an application such as mine?
> Thanks,
> Kent
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