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Re: Preamp for a Mobile Application


Never tried it, but I doubt a preamp would be worth
the expense if mounted at the rig in a mobil set-up. 
I assume the feedline is only 10' or so.  The preamp
helps most when the feedline is lengthy, especially if
cheap coax is used.

If you want to try a switching preamp, the ARR
SP432VDG is a good one, see

For about the same price, you could buy an Arrow
handheld yagi antenna, which would substantially
improve both reception and transmission.  See
http://www.arrowantennas.com/146-437.html , although
if the rig is fixed inside your car if might not be
convenient to hold the Arrow, unless your mike cord is
long enough so you can stand outside the car.

If you are limited to operating from the car, try
driving to a hilltop or somewhere with a clear view
from horizon to horizon.

73, Bill NZ5N 

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