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AO-16 and 5-watts


On AO-16 I usually can hear myself when AO-16 is above
about 10-degrees using 5-watts from an IC-910H and an
arrow antenna, however others appear not to hear me as
well as I hear myself so I usually have to crank'er up
to 10-watts... early and late in a pass.

Today AO-16 was full of hets, gurgles, burbles,
clicks, and off frequency signals (QRM) even more than
normal when to the south as noted in another
submission.  Surprising to me was that SO-50 with PL
tone access was full of the same, no hets, of course. 
I have to say these 2-m uplink satellites are rapidly
becoming unusable from the RF uplink anarchy going on
inside the footprints.

I have always wanted to use the word anarchy in a
AMSAT-BB email and there I've finally done it!  Hi!

73, KG4QWC

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