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Slightly off topic, but interesting for satellite constructors
For anyone who is having trouble sleeping at night, or is interested in the  
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)  regarding hardware /  
software export from the USA, the following site lists technologies that are  
Space technolgies are listed in section 15  (XV)
>From an AMSAT perspective it makes some nice distinctions in  technologies 
that may be considered as 'US Munitions' and other allowable  'commerce' 
products. AMSAT has technologies that can be placed in both  categories.
Export of GPS capable of operating above 60,000 feet. / 1000MPH  - Banned
Attitude control systems capable of pointing accuracy 0.02 degrees or  
better. - Banned
restartable kick motors that remain active once on orbit, that can produce  
greater than 1g acceleration. - Banned.
Satellite antennas with ground coverage 3dB points less than 200  nautical 
miles diameter. - Banned.
Radiation hardened space rated ICs. Banned, but if you embed them so they  
can't be removed. - Allowed.
Fortunately for us, the overall emphasis is on military use and it does not  
seek to restrict commercial space products. Other than the GPS, (and buying a  
bigger pot of epoxy resin)  none of the other exmples seem to be a problem  
for the average AMSAT mission.
Or are they?
David  G0MRF

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