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Easy to make, low cost omni-directional antennae

Hi all,

I'm wanting to make an antenna for "talking with the birds", mainly ISS and 
LEOs.  Thank you to Don ZL1THO and John KB2HSH for the suggestions and 
encouragement they have already e-mailed me.

I have done some more thinking since then and come up with the following list 
of criteria for the first antenna I make for satellite work:
* easy to make
* lost cost
* omni-directional
* good performance, especially for satellite work, without moving it
* portable enough that I can pack it into the van when I go on holiday and it 
won't take up much space (it needs to share the space with all the stuff for 
my wife and 3 children, as well as me).  It would also be nice to be able to 
store it in the corner of my office at work if I so desire.

When I started looking in earnest last Friday, a ham colleague of mine did a 
Google search an came across a turnstile antenna that looked promising 
(http://www.wb8erj.com/turnstile_antenna.htm).  That evening, I noticed the 
eggbeater on the web site of John KB2HSH (http://kb2hsh.blogspot.com/), which 
looks nice and easy to build.  I then did some searching and came upon the 
Eggbeater II by Jerry K5OE (http://members.aol.com/k5oejerry/eggbeater2.htm), 
arguably a better fixed antenna for satellite use than the original eggbeater. 
  A while later, I also found the EZ-Lindenblad by Tony AA2TX 

I am currently leaning towards the EZ-Lindenblad (for 2m) and a parasitic 
Lindenblad (for 70cm ... when I get hold of the design; I intend to e-mail 
Tony about it if/when I go ahead with the EZ-Lindenblad).

How do these antennae compare performance-wise?  Am I leaning in the right 
direction (EZ-Lindenblad), or should I be looking at something else?  Your 
input would be much appreciated.

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