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Re: On Easter, regarding negativity and renewal...

On 24/03/2008, amsat-bb-request@amsat.org <amsat-bb-request@amsat.org>
> As I awoke on this Easter Sunday, I was scanning my email (I subscribe
> to lots of groups
> and get lots of daily summaries) and once again found myself reading
> amsat-bb.  Amidst the
> normal, pleasurable messages, I was again (as it seems to happen
> weekly) faced with a
> message of disappointment in AMSAT, this time by Brian Beckius.  It
> seems that whatever
> he was searching for, he didn't find it in AMSAT, and thus proclaimed
> to all that he wouldn't
> be renewing his membership.
> He's not alone of course.  Lots of people aren't very satisfied with
> the current state of
> AMSAT-NA or amateur satellites.  It's not very hard to understand why:
> launching satellites
> actually _is_ rocket science.  It's difficult, and even more difficult
> with limited funds
> and relying solely on the efforts of volunteers.  But the simple fact
> that it can be done
> at _all_ should give everyone in amateur radio a sense of justified
> pride.
Personally, I joined AMSAT because I use the satellites and figured I should
contribute at least
a little toward the design, deployment and upkeep.

Anything I get above that (and I do!) is sort of a bonus... that's how I
look at it.

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