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Re: Proud to be a member

truckwiz wrote:

> I'm the president of PropelX (www.propelX.com <http://www.propelx.com/> )
>and a member of AMSAT . I've come to the conclusion over that last couple of
>months of asking questions and offering to help on satellites  (only to be
>jerked around), That the only space that AMSAT is concerned about is their
>own . I will not be renewing my membership. 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1GOGdNdQNc
>   Brian Beckius
Brian, I am not sure what your capabilities are, however, If your 
talents have fell on deaf ears, either you have just sent out general 
queries that
have gone unnoticed or you have been directing your questions to the 
incorrect people at AMSAT.  Please feel free to send e-mails or direct 
calls to the AMSAT members of the BOD
so those that Have answers can respond.  AMSAT is entirely VOLUNTEER 
people, working around their own lives and problems, to assist with the 
maze of
correspondence and funding efforts that go on daily and things fall 
through the cracks. If we all felt as you do, we would never have the 
satellites to get into orbit for ALL to
enjoy.  Check the web site and direct questions to the people that can 
point you in the right direction-Start with W2GPS, Rick as he can jump 
start any
assistance offered into a roller coaster.
As a local co-ordinator (Volunteer position),  I attend many hamfests 
here in the New Jersey area and act as an "ear" to complaints and praise 
and give the BOD my assembled opinions from the "Field"
so they know how the membership feels.  (Elections are a great way to 
weed out the deaf ears.)  If you aren't a member, then please feel 
guilty about using any of the satellites
we (AMSAT) have had direct input on bringing to reality. Our 
collaborations have ended in great birds.
In the meantime, this note is going to those more important than a 
donation seeker and beginner's question bouncer.
Dee, NB2F
NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator

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