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Comet CX-902 as sat antenna?


I'm trying to help one of the local Honduran hams get
started on the sats.  He has a dual bander and a Comet
CX-902 vertical antenna, 9 db gain, about 35' in the
air.  We set up to work tonight's AO-51 pass but did
not hear a thing.  About halfway through the pass,
when it was obvious we were not hearing the bird, we
switched the antenna from his rig to mine, just to
verify that the rig was not at fault.  But we still
heard nothing.  This suggests to me that the problem
is the antenna or feedline.  Is there any reason why
the Comet would not work at all on the sats?  He can
raise the local repeater with this antenna.

73, Bill NZ5N

PS - Several of the Swan Island guys were intrigued by
my sat operation and we hopefully we have a few more
HRs active soon. 

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