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Yaesu G500 bearings, KLM antennas

  I've got a KR-500 and G500a rotor that need a good servicing. I've found a lot of great info in the archives that will help me, but still have a few questions..
  I've read that the original bearings were steel, and begin to rust almost immediately after installation.  Can anyone suggest a better quality bearing, and perhaps a source and part number?
  I've also read that the bearing cages are subject to failure, and some folks prefer to ditch them altogether. 
  I'm also curious if anyone has any suggestions to optimize my old KLM crossed yagis?
  I use a KLM 2m14c and 43518c, and they seem to work fairly well, but are not exactly
  top performers. I've never opened the polarization switcher units on either antenna, but suppose I might want to clean the relay contacts? 
  Since my tower must be tilted over to service the rotator and antennas, I'd like to get several years of service out of this gear.
  Thank you for any help.
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