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Re: Courteous AO-51 Operation

Good Afternoon, all...

Robert, I think the main point that Ben is trying to make with these
"friendly suggestions" is civility.  Love the single-channel FM satellites
or not, they are a fact of life throughout AMSAT.  And AO-51 is arguably the
worst as far as manners and good operating procedures are concerned.  This
doesn't mean that it doesn't happen on other single-channel birds.

Consider this:  You are trying to give a demo to a group that's interested
in satellite-based Amateur Radio.  You do your best to convey ease of use,
technical skill and accomplishment, and the fact that satellite hams in
general are a great bunch of guys...etc etc etc.  Then, you tune into AO-51
for the demo...and you hear "the Zoo".

Some of it is just common sense...like using headphones...not using too much
power (we ALL know at least one person that does), but Ben worded some of
the suggestions to try to "level the field", and help to make it more fair
for everyone.

As our fleet gets older, and more satellites become non-operational...and
more Amateurs enter the ranks, the FM satellites will undoubtedly get worse,
more crowded, etc.  As this becomes reality, there are 3 routes to take to
solve the "problem": A) Move to the Linear Satellites...B) Build more FM
Satellites (which some will absolutely HATE)...or C) Learn to become a more
efficient operator and get along with each other.

Sadly, though...I have a feeling that this will reignite the Linear Vs. FM



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY
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