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Help with AO-16 and "reverse tracking"

Hi. I'm pretty new to all this. I've had one successful contact in my  
life (with ISS, no less!), but I decided last night to try AO-16. I  
have an ICOM IC-910H. I put it into satellite mode, and set it up to  
receive LSB/USB on 437.0260 MHz, and transmit FM on 145.9200 MHz.

One thing the IC-910H instructions said to do is transmit a tone (like  
a whistle) and be sure one can receive that. After listening for some  
time (to a nearly overhead pass), at 5am, I tried doing that. Now, I  
*think* I heard myself, but a weird thing was if my whistle tone got  
lower in pitch it sounded higher. Not sure if that was just my  

In any case, MacDoppler seemed to be changing frequencies differently  
for transmit vs. receive. The 910H's manual talks about reverse  
tracking, where doppler on receive goes up while it goes down on  

Could someone clarify these things for me? Why would they be different?



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