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Re: Predict 2.2.3 for Linux

> > Predict will run without a TLE file - you won't see any
> > predictions
> I just double-checked this, and I still find that if there is no
> tle file and none pointed to with a -t switch, it will die as Kent
> described below. Namely, it will send you to the new user screen
> and then exit when the info is entered. (Unfortunately, it exits
> the terminal in a funny state.) In my experience, it does this on a
> fresh install with apt-get on Ubuntu, or with a build install
> root).

Has anyone noticed this using a self-compiled installation?

> This is a frustrating loop for the user, since he or she can
> reasonably expect that the data is entered after the first attempt,
> and furthermore the qth file can be found in the ~/.predict

The program is (for some reason) exiting before the .qth file is
being written.
> > Predict ignores data in the TLE file before the TLE data, so if
> > you get your TLE as a meil message you don't need to remove the
> > headers
> Perhaps predict is written to ignore the headers of a mail message,
> but not the comments that appear in the nasa file?

It should ignore headers in any TLE file used to update its database.
 However, it expects its .tle data file to be clean.

> I hope it is understood that I'm documenting this because I like
> predict and consider it a wonderful arrow in AMSAT's quiver.
> Indeed, since it might be a potential AMSAT'er's first encounter
with pass
> prediction -- given that it is part of the debian world -- I think
> should ensure that it is very easy to use. Furthermore it
> cross-compiles like a dream: as I've said elsewhere it works
> identically on a Nokia N800; and another member of this list got it
> to run on the gumstix platform.


Normally, PREDICT will install an old .tle file that comes bundled
with PREDICT's source code under a new user's directory the first
time the program is run.  The user is then encouraged to update the
Keps using any of PREDICT's TLE file updating mechanisms before
operating the program.

PREDICT was last released almost 2 years ago.  The problem you
describe appears to be fairly new.  Obviously something has changed
in the world to cause this to occur, and it isn't PREDICT.  ;-)

> 73, Bruce

73, de John, KD2BD

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