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Re: Predict 2.2.3 for Linux

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On 16 Mar 2008, at 05:50, Bruce Robertson wrote:
> Your Predict is possibly dying for a lack of a TLE file. Point to one
> with the -t command-line parameter. Ensure also that a qth file is
> being created in ~/.predict and that you as user can read it with,
> e.g. 'cat'. I believe predict is supposed to find a tle file in that
> same directory, but I think I've had troubles with that option.

Predict will run without a TLE file - you won't see any predictions

> Finally, make sure that your tle file does not have any comments at
> its top before the actual elements. For instance, the commonly used
> nasa.tle files have a set of comments describing the tle format.
> Predict dies on these.

Predict ignores data in the TLE file before the TLE data, so if you  
get your TLE as a meil message you don't need to remove the headers

> On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 12:59 AM, Kent R. Frazier <k5knt@amsat.org>  
> wrote:
>> I just installed Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and Predict 2.2.3 on my  
>> notebook. When I
>>  start Predict I get the "new user" screen where I enter the required
>>  information. After pressing the "enter" key on the last entry I  
>> get a
>>  command prompt. I can not seem to get to the main menu.
>>  Is anyone using this software that could offer some suggestions?  
>> Or maybe
>>  another alternative to run under Linux?

I think your problem is with permissions - The original author of the  
program had it set up so the you need to be root to compile or  
install it - but you don't if you just keep the program as a local  

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