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Some amateur satellite articles...

Hi everybody from Pedro EB4DKA. I forward to the BB the following message 
from Juan Antonio EA4CYQ:
Hi all,

I have published several articles in relation to ham satellites in AMSAT and 
other magazines such as URE, CQ-DL, Megahertz Magazine and several Webs. 
But most of them were in Spanish.  I have translated them into English, you 
can find the following issues:

- The CJU antenna. It was designed by EB4DKA and EA4CYQ to improve the UHF 
reception with your HT, it is thought to uplink with your VHF mobile 
station.  You will receive the UHF downlink in the same way a fix satellite 

- The IOio antenna. It was designed by EA4CYQ to work V/U and U/V amateur 
satellites with an HT.  It has an amazing performance, it is even better 
than the Arrow antenna in some features.

- A dual band portable yagui antenna. This is a very well known antenna into 
the amateur satellites world.  Here you can find how to build it with normal 
stuff and an impressive performance.

- The EGGBEATER II and TPM II antennas.  They were designed by Jerry K5OE. 
In this article I tell my experience at the beginning in the amateur 
satellites world and all the vicissitudes to work amateur satellites from my 
shack with the minimal equipment.  Here you will find all the details to 
build these fantastic antennas.

- The 2.4GHz DISH ANTENNA.  Taking advantage of my AO-40 experience I could 
go more deeply into the microwaves world.  Here you can find all the details 
to build two different 2.4GHz dish feed systems, which you will be able to 
use in wireless terrestrial communications.

- The LINEAR TRANSPONDERS.  A lot of amateur satellites use this system. 
This article will help you to understand how they work.

- HF or SATELLITES?.  I try to demonstrate with this article that a 
satellite fix station is at least as good as an HF station.  You will get 
the same performance with small antennas and low power out.

- The DATA CONNECTOR.  This connector has much more possibilities than to be 
hooked to a TNC.  In this article I study its features and I propose to use 
it with a PC soundcard, to receive meteorological satellites and I even 
propose to build a cross band repeater.  You will be surprised about its 

- CIRCULAR POLARIZATION.  If you want to know more about this kind of 
polarization and you want to see a comparative of VHF and UHF circular 
polarized commercial antennas, you should read this article.

- TRANSCEIVERS TO WORK SATELLITES.  If you are thinking about setting up a 
fix satellite station, here you can find all the transceivers in the market 
and combinations between them to be successful.

- THE EA4CYQ SHACK.  Here I describe my shack, perhaps it could be useful as 
a reference if you are thinking about setting up one.

- THE EA4CYQ LOG.  If you have contacted with my station between June 1.996 
and March 2.008, here you can find it.  It is in call sign alphabetical 
order.  We will upload it in the near future.

You can find them at the following Webs due to the generosity of Pedro 
EB4DKA and Rodolfo EA4CAX:

http://eb4dka.laserenadigital.com (also www.eb4dka.tk ).  This Web is 
devoted to ham satellites and Pedro has an impressive collection of photos, 
videos and interesting articles.  He is an authority working in portable 

http://personales.ya.com/ea4cax/ Rodolfo is specialized in LEO and 
Geostationary meteorological satellites.

O hope you enjoy this articles devoted to promote the amateur satellites.

Juan Antonio
Best 73 from Spain
Pedro EB4DKA

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