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Re: IT-1.50 _vs_ new TZ rules

> You can generate custom Windows time zones with a Mictosoft utily

Yup, that is what I used last year to fixup Win2000Pro systems for use
with this 'new' schedule. The XP systems got their fix from auto-updates.

As I mentioned earlier, the PC knows what time it is, and has the correct
zone info. It is InstantTrack that doesn't know the new schedule,
but as we can fix that manually - it is not an issue. I still consider
it a blessing that we got v1.5 to handle the infamous Y2K problem.

Thanks to Paul for the pointer to DosBox.com ... hadn't heard of that.
I had assumed that the other fellow's reference was to a "DOS" box (PC).
Looks like it's worth a shot. (May even have to try QuikTrack again.)

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