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Re: IT-1.50 _vs_ new TZ rules

> Force it?
> That's how the instructions tell you to do it.
> It's the correct method.
> > >
> Alan Sieg WB5RMG wrote:
>> Only thing that comes to mind is to force it
>> in the file "it.ini" with a line "timezone = CDT5" ...

Actually, the line I have been using in InstantTrack since forever
would be the 'timezone = CST6CDT' reference... And it has worked well.

Unfortunately our local 'time-lords' have determined that the
general public would be better off if they changed the schedule by
which we switch into and outof this accursed "Daylight Saving" mode...

So now we have to 'force' InstantTrack to begin considering our PC
clocks to have "Daylight Savings Time" a week or so early. And then
'unforce' it later than usual. The automatic switching into and outof
Daylight Saving TZ adjustment now needs to be done manually.

   Thanks  /;^)
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