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Re: 2 for the group.

>Question 1.
>Is there ant reason why I can't transmit a modulated carrier (FM) on the 
>145.900Mhz uplink of AO-16 and receive CW on the SSB/CW? downlink of 
>437.026Mhz ??.

Technically, yes it would work. But AO-16 is currently designated for voice 
operations, and CW mixed in with the voice users might get you some 
nastygrams from the other users.

>Question 2.
>I am 'TOTALLY' blocked by mountains re: the ISS and PCSAT  and do *NOT* 
>have 9600bps gear for AO-51 ... however, I can receive AO-16.
>Can I use the UPW - (PSK modulation) - program to transmit APRS data on the 
>uplink and will that be received on the USB downlink ?? ... and be 
>forwarded to the internet via an APRS station ??.
>I have attached the UPW file for perusal by anybody who has a few more 
>braincells than LA2QAA and is able to advise.

Pretty much the same answer as #1. Before the memory system crashed, you 
could digipeat through AO-16. Since then, we are limited to a bent-pipe 
setup best suited for voice. We may get to the point with IO-26 where 
digipeating is enabled.

You could try PCsat for 1200 baud APRS, or use MixW and your computer 
soundcard for 9600 baud on GO-32.

73, Drew KO4MA

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