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Re: 2 for the group.

At 07:40 AM 3/10/2008, John Hackett wrote:

>Is there ant reason why I can't transmit a modulated carrier (FM) on 
>the 145.900Mhz uplink of AO-16 and receive CW on the SSB/CW? 
>downlink of 437.026Mhz ??.

In theory it should work, but you'll gain little, because only one 
user can access the uplink.  Only advantage would be to stations with 
Rx setups not up to scratch for receiving SSB, that might resolve CW.

>Question 2.
>I am 'TOTALLY' blocked by mountains re: the ISS and PCSAT  and do 
>*NOT* have 9600bps gear for AO-51 ... however, I can receive AO-16.
>Can I use the UPW - (PSK modulation) - program to transmit APRS data 
>on the uplink and will that be received on the USB downlink ?? ... 
>and be forwarded to the internet via an APRS station ??.

AO-16 is running FM up/SSB down on a permanent basis.  It is not 
running any digital modes these days.

I'm not familiar with the state of digital operations, as I have 
little interest in the current state of digital satellite operation, 
and also find the hardware requirements to be a pain, because that 
requires a fixed (or at least one that you can't operate while 
wandering around) station, and I have traditionally operated 
portable/pedestrian mobile/movile on various forms of public transport.

There's a number of people on here who can advise the best route for 
digital ops.

73 de VK3JED

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