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IT-1.50 _vs_ new TZ rules

I guess I wasn't tracking as much last year when they re-arranged the
Daylight Saving TZ rules... It appears that InstantTrack is confused.
The clock time is ok, but it thinks it is still Standard Time which
throws the UTC offset... Only thing that comes to mind is to force it
in the file "it.ini" with a line "timezone = CDT5" ...

Unless there is a better workaround that I missed, thought I'd offer
this solution for anyone else that may still enjoy InstantTrack.
This has been one of my favorite programs for almost 20 years now.
  Thanks again Franklin and Paul !!!     73         Bravo-Zulu
  <- WB5RMG is Alan Sieg  *  http://wb5rmg.somenet.net ->
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