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Re: Patrick's Booth/Demo in AZ

Hi Clint!

> Patrick - I am sorry I missed tallking to you today on AO-51...How
>  did it go?

The hamfest was well-attended, and contacts were made on all 3
AO-51 passes.  No Hawaii stations, but Dale KL7XJ in Alaska
was on the last pass (1700 UTC), a very shallow pass for my
location.  Thanks Dale, for getting up on an early (for you) cold
Saturday morning.  The crowd enjoyed hearing Alaska on the

It was very crowded on the first pass, around 1342 UTC.  A typical
pass covering all of the continental USA.  The next pass at 1519
UTC was the very high pass for the hamfest site, busy like the
earlier pass and a good show.  Some of my Mexican ham friends
showed up from Baja California (Manuel XE2BHL from Tijuana/DM12,
and both David XE2RDA and Enrique XE2SER from DL44 in southern
Baja California) near the end of that pass.  And, as I mentioned, Dale
KL7XJ and a few others on the west coast were present for the 1700
UTC pass.  Without the increased power from AO-51, I would not
have even attempted that pass (maximum 5 degrees elevation to
the northwest).  I still have to replay my recordings from those
passes to make my log entries, so I can't make a more-complete
listing of stations I worked this morning.

With great weather, the Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club hamfest
had great turnout - buyers and sellers.  There was constant activity
around the AMSAT table.  Several regulars on the FM birds from
outside of the Phoenix area stopped by (Leo W7JPI, Larry
WA6DIR, Jeff K7WIN, Bill K7WJS) and a couple of relatively new
satellite ops from this area (Bill AA4Q and Bob W0DXZ).  Brock
W6GMT, who was at this hamfest last year, checked in during
one of the AO-51 passes from somewhere in DM15 (the Mojave
Desert, maybe?).

Working with me at the AMSAT table were Larry W7LB from
Tucson and Gerry VE4GTB/KD7MDB, who avoids the Winnipeg
winters by staying down here in the Phoenix area - thanks guys
for making the morning a fun time.  Thanks to all who called me,
or tried to call me, during those 3 AO-51 passes today.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix AZ
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