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FW: Re: [eu-amsat] Re: Good ideas for the AO-7 log.

From: archie.hackett@hotmail.com
To: w7lrd@comcast.net
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Re: [eu-amsat] Re: Good ideas for the AO-7 log.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 09:38:59 +0100

       Normally ... to edit your own entries you just click on the hourglass where you entered the  info ... (left hand edge) ... and a new screen pops up where you can delete, edi6t, change to correct things.

However ... some people have been reporting that this faqcility is not working as it should.

A work-around is to make sure !!!! the *REMEMBER ME* box at the bottom of the log entry page is checked.


(I've been asking people to correct their own incorrect entries - but quite a few don't bother).

Normally, Emily sent me a cookie every December so I could administer the log, which I did for some years - but then the cookies failed to materialise and Emily disappeared.

RGR re: her mailbox ... as I mentioned earlier, she's disappeared down the rabbit warren of SECOND LIFE into the 'virtual' world ... and that's the reason I keep batting these mails to the Amsat-bb ... in the hope that one day one of them might filter down the burrow and into SECOND LIFE where it might be noticed by N1DID
(ex: W0EEC).

I have no intention of going down there myself, I have enough to contend with in the "real" world without faffing around in a pretend world.

Let me know how it goes Bob.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

From: w7lrd@comcast.net
To: la2qaa@amsat.org
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Re: [eu-amsat] Re: Good ideas for the AO-7 log.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 02:07:26 +0000

Mr John-I accidently entered VA7MG instead of my call.  Then I tried to edit it out as to get the egg off my face.  I got a full message saying Emily's mailbox is full and something about cookies.  I believe if we were to be able to edit out our own screw ups it would make this better.  Case in point this latest ooops of mine.  John, is there a way we can do that?
Sorry (again)
73 Bob W7LRD
"if this were easy, everyone would be doing it"

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