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          I'd forgotten why it was I tended to avoid FM satellites like the bubonic plague ... hey!, back off - I did have a QSO on AO-51 once and two !!! on AO-27, 10 years ago.

Anyway, this morning I decided to see if things had changed so I fired up my trusty (and otherwise totally useless) IC-E91 and 'arra' aerial ... OK !!!!, antenna.

Stepping out into the 33.9cm of 'manna from heavan' (snow, to you!) I aimed my pointed stick at the sky like any intellegent person would do (!) and tried the age old tricks of ... portable ... JP33WB ... Frei Island ... (not all at once of course).

After only a few minutes I 'remebered' ... it isn't the FM satellites that are are fault ... though they are not the 'smartest' things for amateur radio communications ... it's those operators who call without actually listening who muck it all up.

What *is* the point of calling somebody while they're actually speaking to somebody else ???  ... I'm so THICK I can't figure out how this works ... (on FM) ... maybe somebody with a few more braincells would like to enlighten me as to the theory behind this technique.

I'm quite familiar with 'tailending' while QRP operating but calling somebody while they're speaking ... (on FM) ... I havn't figured out yet.

However ... "each to his own" ... and that's how it should be - but I'll stick to LINEAR satellites thank you very much.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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