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Re: Dual Band (2m-70cm) Mobile Antenna Recommendations

At 12:12 AM 3/5/2008, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend an antenna...to improve
> > my [mobile] satellite reception?
>By definition, a good antenna for repeaters is bad for satellites. 
>Repeaters are on the horizon, satellites are usually higher when 
>they are strong enough to hear.

And don't overlook the feedline.  While I was running a high gain tri 
band whip for the mobile, I used to get good results from AO-51.  A 
clue could be found in the antenna system.  The antenna was a 
2m/70cm/23cm whip, and for 23cm performance, I spend the money on a 
factory made mount/feedline, which was designed for 1.2 GHz use.  The 
result is that at 70cm, this antenna outperformed the other 70cm 
capable antenna (which was fed by about 10' of RG-58) by a noticeable 
margin, and satellite reception was better than expected for a 
vertical with gain.

I wonder how this feedline would have performed with a 2m 1/4 wave 
whip.  I suspect the results would have been superb.

73 de VK3JED

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