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Re: More AO-7 log.

Sorry, I found the "If you have a contact" line, it's
on the Log page but not on the Log Entry page.

--- Bill Dzurilla <billdz.geo@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Alan,
> >>Or, folks could just use common sense and read the
> second sentence at the
> top of the log - "IF YOU HAVE A CONTACT TO
> REPORT...."
>   Oh, we already
> tried that and it didn't work...
> Are we talking about the log at
> http://www.planetemily.com/ao7/logentry.php ?  I do
> not see the "If you have a contact to report"
> sentence.  On my screen, it says, "Use this form to
> report contact with and information about AO-7. It
> will be stored in our database and provided to the
> control operators of AO-7. This information will not
> be used for any other purpose other than to provide
> information about AO-7."  The "information about"
> line
> implies that more than just QSO info is welcome.
> For the benefit of those not subscribed to this
> list,
> I suggest adding the correct instructions directly
> on
> the Log Entry page, something like "Do not enter CQ
> or
> anything else in the QSOs box unless you have
> actually
> completed a two-way QSO."
> Or are you saying not to make an entry at all unless
> a
> contact is completed?  I have been entering any time
> I
> could hear my downlink, even if no one answered my
> CQ,
> based on the "even if it was to yourself" statement
> on
> the web page.
> I had been entering CQ until I saw this thread, so
> your posts were not totally in vain.
> 73, Bill NZ5N
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