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AO-16 status report

Hello all, 

Ronald, I'll take your message as a prompt to provide an AO-16 update!  AO-16 is certainly not dead. It is doing quite well in its current mode. Below is the current operational configuration for AO-16: 

(available from: http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/satellites/satInfo.php?satID=11&retURL=/satellites/status.php ) 

Mode FM Voice Repeater (Downlink is double sideband.): Operational 
Uplink: 	145.9200 MHz FM 
Downlink 	437.0260 MHz DSB (LSB and USB) 

The plan is to continue this mode of voice operations "until further notice. " 

AO-16 has been in full sunlight (no eclipse periods at all) for several months.  That is about to change later this month!  Short eclipse periods will begin at the end of March and will increase steadily until early July--at which point the eclipse periods will increase to about 26 minutes each orbit.  We'll have to watch this old bird and its batteries as the eclipse periods increase. 

It is possible that the long eclipse periods may necessitate the reduction of the 70 cm transmitter output; this is a manual process for AO-16, since the spacecraft isn't  running any housekeeping software to do it "automagically."    AO-16 is pretty loud at its current power setting, so some reduction should have little if any user impact.  Observations and user reports will be especially helpful during April/May/June/July this year.    In order to collect telemetry, we'll need to change the satellite into its digital mode from time to time.  But this doesn't take long and therefore shouldn't interfere much with its operations as a voice satellite. 

The S-band beacon is not operational at this time. The exact status of the S-band transmitter remains unknown; however, its last known status might be described as "suspect" or "semi-operational" at best...(as I recall--and this might not be accurate--there are issues with the power budget, no way to adjust the power output of the S-band transmitter, and so on.)   Given the age of the satellite (over 18 years!), my opinion is that this falls into the "maybe we should leave well enough alone for now" category. 

(And yes, LUSAT/LO-19 is still transmitting CW telemetry on 437.125+/- ----if that's what you mean below?) 

On behalf of the AO-16 Command Team, 

Mark L. Hammond [N8MH] 


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Is the beacon on 2401.143 in operation.? Or is the bird dead. Also 
heard LU Sat on 435.110 ? Thanks YC 

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