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Dual Band (2m-70cm) Mobile Antenna Recommendations

I have been unsuccessfully trying to hear AO51 over the last week with my
mobile rig (Icom IC2720 with a Comet C767 dual band antenna mounted to the
rear hatchback with a Comet CP-5M mount).

Since I am able to transmit and receive on our local repeaters, I'm guessing
that the issue is with my antenna. I've been using the online AMSAT
satellite pass predictions to predict passes I try to listen to.

Can anyone recommend an antenna I could use with the above mount to improve
my satellite reception? I'll settle for reception at the moment. I have a 2m
handheld (Icom T-22A) that I've been thinking of using for transmit. I'm
thinking of adding a Arrow antenna for this.

I'm not that knowledgeable with regard to antennas currently, so specific
models would be helpful.



Kent R. Frazier, K5KNT
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