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Re: Efficient Planning of the FT-847 Memory Registers


Sounds like you have an excellent starter station there.  :)  You can
certainly use the FT-847 satellite memories, but my strong suggestion is
don't.  They work pretty well with HEO birds near apogee where the Doppler
shift is small and/or constant, but for the existing LEO birds, that isn't
the case.  My recommendation is to use one of the computer control programs
to drive the frequency of the rig.  You will enjoy the convenience, and on
the SSB linear transponder birds, so will the people you work.

SATPC32 is truly excellent, and the reasonable registration fee goes
completely to AMSAT for development.  Ham Radio Deluxe also does a good job,
is free, but the Doppler correction is a bit wonky.  Simon is going to fix
that Real Soon Now.  Note that if you do use SATC32, you will need to
transfer the QSO info manually, but I find that a very minor inconvenience.
It is pretty canned.

If you do use the memories, you are in effect treating the rig as a giant
HT, which throws away a lot of functionality.  



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