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Re: Discrepancies between Prediction Programs?

Hi Kent,
Apologies as it might seem as if I am pointing out something which you have  
checked out.
Apart from the clock setting which has been mentioned two other main  factors 
are common things that I have found users to have wrong.
The kep set being accessed by the programme is not reading from the correct  
source in your set up.
The location of the user has not been set identical for each programme and  
in some cases has even been the default setting!
You will find slight very minor differences between software but not  to the 
extent that you appear to be getting results for.
To find out which programme is  correct for your location try using  the 
Amsat web page which will give you either live tracking or predictions  for any 
amateur satellite. Again make sure that you do put in your correct
location ( either LAT /LONG or grid square and convert this)
Good Luck  I am sure that it is something very obvious.
Ken Eaton
Amsat -Uk
Amsat NA

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