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Re: Newbie Here AO-51 Questions.

Hi Kent,

Modes on satellites are labeled by what bands they use.  L/US means that the uplink (what we transmit on) is on the L band (1.2 ghz), and the downlink (satellite to us) is on both U (435 mhz) and S (2.4 ghz)  bands.  The exact frequencies are on the Amsat site under "Sat Status" (click on the link for the satellite desired).  Many satellites have different modes that they can be in from time to time, and AO-51 is one of the most flexible in that regard.  Always full of surprises (and challenges).

Greg  KO6TH

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> Thanks to all for the warm welcome and links to references. I'm downloading
> and printing them now.
> What is L/US mode?
> 73,
> Kent, K5KNT
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