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S-band test gear.

Certainly Kevin,

<http:www.observations.biz> Observations From Norway, article 1 for 2008.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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> John,
> You may have been told this already but your attachment(s) was stripped off
> before posting to the Amsat BB.  It's a shame because would have liked to
> see it(them).  Do you have a website to see your pictures? - Kevin/N3HKQ
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] S-band test gear.
> OBSERVATIONS FROM NORWAY.          February 2008.
> Based on SV1BSX's comments about receiving a *THUNDERING* signal from
> AO-51's S-band transmitter on a patch antenna 'without' a reflector - I
> decided to chuck together a few components to see if somebody as 'thick' as
> LA2QAA could manage it.
> The attached pic is the ... 'fruits of LA2QAA's labour'.
> Starting at the top right we have a silver covered brass plate 2.4Ghz patch
> antenna (note the real gold SMA connector, folks) mounted 3mm over a (ditto)
> groundplane, via a short length of high quality (fell off the back of a
> North Sea Oil industry lorry) coax  feeding the input of a 2.4G 70 70cm
> converter ... the output of which goes to the IC-E91 dual mode handheld and
> a pair of 'cans' ... (headphones, to you!).
> To the right of the IC-E91 is a Nokia N70 mobile phone - (not shown in this
> pic because I was using it to take the picture) - with the 'SATme' tracking
> software ... which is very !! useful for tracking S-mode signals from LEO
> birds with the 'slight' doppler thus received.
> The phone also contains a compas as well as GPS software so there's no
> excuse for ... 'but I can't find north' ... (not always easy in 3 feet of
> snow, null visibility and cloudy conditions) ... and there's *NEVER* a
> brownie or a girl guide around when you want one. 
> S-band signals in those conditions? ... you'd be surprised - we don't all
> live in satellite friendly climes you know.
> Mak (SV1BSX) is right. A 60cm dish is overkill for AO-51 mode-S ... though
> of course, there are! those that think you need a personal Jodrell Bank to
> hear anything above 70cm.
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