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Re: Radio amateur calling protocol

At 09:57 AM 2/27/2008, Alan Cresswell wrote:

>Tony Langdon gives a false impression of current activity in this part of
>the world (VK/ZL).  There is daily activity on AO-51, VO-52 AO-07 (Both
>modes) AO-16 and to a lesser extent SO-50.  In the past six months I have
>had almost 500 satellite QSOs almost equally spread across the above and
>none were pre-arranged!

Must be a bit of a resurgence.  I used to try RS-12/13 when it was 
active, and never got a random QSO on the bird.  I know I was getting 
in, as I could hear my own downlink quite clearly.

The FM birds certainly have always been active (with the exception of 
those occasional late night passes - I'm talking 11PM - 2AM local 
time).  ISS was "standing room only" when I tried it the other 
week.  AO-16 is a whole new ball game.  Unfortunately, anything with 
UHF SSB is not feasible for me at this point in time. :(  VHF SSB I 
can do (I have 2m all mode capability).  AO-7 I haven't tried, mostly 
haven't got round to it, plus having a 50/50 chance (assuming a 
random distribution of modes) of it being workable for me (I can only 
do Mode A on SSB currently).

Thanks for the update BTW.

73 de VK3JED

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