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Re: A0-51 "easy sat"

At 10:13 PM 2/26/2008, Ben Jackson wrote:
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>G8IFF/KC8NHF wrote:
>| I agree with Cliff. Tha same is true with terrestial repeaters.
>| If you expect a reply then the accepted term is "CQ" not "listening".
>I have yet to hear a "CQ" on a repeater here in the US. The normal
>practice here is to announce you're "listening", "monitoring", or just
>give out your call sign.

Actually, I have seen calling CQ on repeaters suggested in guides on 
"How to be a LID" :D.  Over here, it is also customary to announce 
that you're listening.  I personally don't like the callsign only 
approach (fortunately, it's rare here - only time I can recall 
hearing it is US stations via IRLP or Echolink), it's too abrupt and 
vague, callsign and status (listening, testing, etc) is the preferred 
approach here.  That allows for tests as well. :)

As the FM birds are essentially repeaters in the sky, most satellite 
operators here use the same convention as for terrestrial 
repeaters.  Most of the long CQs on FM sats I've heard have been from 
newcomers who haven't yet sorted out their receive setups (so they 
invariably trash any QSO in progress :( ).

>I've also heard plenty of people reply to this. :)

All the time, that's how repeater QSOs start, unless someone calls 
someone specifically. :)

73 de VK3JED

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