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Re: Radio amateur calling protocol (easy Sats)

I share the frustration of everyone trying to work
AO-51 and AO-27 on a busy weekend pass, but as a
relative newbie I think the FM birds serve a purpose,
in light of the huge cost difference between an FM
only and an all-mode VHF/UHF rig.

If it had not been so easy and inexpensive to work via
AO-51, don't think I would have tried to work any sat.
 For me and probably many others, the good experiences
on the FM sats led me to upgrade and work via AO-7 and
VO-52, and I hope more like these are launched soon.  

Judging from the crowded state of the FM birds and the
relative lack of activity on the sats with linear
transponders, it seems that, for all their
deficiencies, the FM birds are still a popular choice.
 Just need to keep teaching the need for brevity,
clarity of speech, and proper power and antennas.

73, Bill NZ5N
--- amsat-bb-request@amsat.org wrote:

>>>The answer to all of these ridiculous arguments on
calling protocol 
is, of course, quit building FM voice 2 user
satellites, like AO51.

AO7, is what, 25 years old, none of those problems
existed there, and 
still don't today.

Blame those that encouraged and built  AO51....

A lot of us voiced our disapproval at the time it was
mostly for that very reason....and lost...

Why was it built??

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