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Re: PCSat


Take a look at UISS here:  http://users.belgacom.net/hamradio/uiss.htm

I have not done much with it, except to verify that you can plug it in to
the AGWPE, instead of or in addition to, UI-VIEW32.  It works fine for
terrestrial APRS, though the display is a bit crude.  It has all the hooks
already in for ARISS, PCSAT, etc.  Perhaps someone here with experience
using it with the APRS sats can comment.

It is freewear/donationwear.  There is a free key which I have been waiting
for a couple of days, which unlocks a few additional functions, and then
there is the donor key, which gives a few more.  However, the base program
seems eminently useable, and certainly for testing.


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