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Re: rotator

Do you have schematics and part numbers for the G-5500?  I assume you are
talking about a large wire wound pot inside the actual rotator vs the
controller.  I was think it might be something in the controller.  I hope
this is easy to replace.  I have never had the G-5500 rotator disassembled. 
I had to send my EL rotator back to Yaesu 3 times last year.  I had some bad
experiences.  My warrantee ran out about two years ago. I have already spent
about half of what a new one cost. 
Anyway, I can pull the AZ rotator on a warm day and find the wire wound pot
that you mentioned. Did you replace the pot and the fluctuations

I have been checking the dead band settings in the Nova program.  

Thank you.  
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From: peter
Date: 2/18/2008 2:59:39 AM
To: gschuchardt@gp.hrcoxmail.com
Subject: rotator
Gary i have the same problem
i think it is the Large wire wound pot on my az rotator and the ele a KR500
will do it some times
could be crud on the pot
the dead band sounds like a try as well
good luck
let me know how you go
Peter VK4KHP
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