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Press Release - Ozsatgroup and Amsat Australia

The Ozsatgroup and Amsat Australia to move to a week night national
satellite net.

With the aim of improving participation and accessibility, the  Australian
National Satellite net has been moved from the 2nd Sunday to the 2nd Tuesday
of each month.  This long running net allows amateur radio operators who are
operating or have an interest in working in the satellite mode, to make
contact with others in order to share their experiences and to catch up on
pertinent news. The net is also a means of making 'skeds' and for a general
'off-bird' chat.

The week night net will be held at 8.30pm eastern / 9.30z or
10.30zdepending on daylight savings.

For the first time, in addition to our Echolink conference, the net will
also be available via RF on the following repeaters and links…

In New South Wales

VK2RMP Maddens Plains repeater on 146.850MHz
VK2RIS Saddleback repeater on 146.975MHz
VK2RBT Mt Boyne Repeater on 146.675MHz

In Victoria

VK3JED Laverton, Melbourne on 144.296MHz SSB simplex
VK3JED Laverton, Melbourne on 439.175MHz FM simplex with a 91.5 Hz CTCSS

In addition to RF, operators may join the net via Echolink by connecting to
either the Amsat-NA or VK3JED conferences. The net is also available via
IRLP reflector number 9509.

The Ozsatgroup and Amsat-VK are also keen to have the net carried by other
echolink or IRLP enabled repeaters and links in order to improve RF
coverage. If you are interested in carrying our net on your system, please
contact Paul via email at vk2txt@gmail.com

The new week night net commences on the 11th of March 2008.

Listeners are also reminded of our HF net which is held on the 2nd Sunday of
each month. See www.amsat-vk.org  or www.ozsatgroup.info for details.
''''Amsat-VK site to be updated''''

Amateur satellite operations is one of the most interesting and rewarding
modes in our hobby. The birds are relatively easy to access and require very
little hardware investment to get started. You can gain access to the FM
'repeaters in the sky' with just a dual band handheld operating on 2m and
70cm. These easy-to-use and popular FM satellites will give hams national
communications and handheld access into New Zealand at various times through
the day and night. Ozsatgroup members can be found operating on most passes
on all satellites and will be happy to assist newcomers in any way they can.

Finally, the Ozsatgroup and Amsat Australia wish to thank  the Illawarra
Amateur Radio Society for carrying our net on the Coastlink repeater network
and Tony - VK3JED for the use of his linking system.

73's from

The Ozsatgroup and Amsat Australia
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