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SSET trying to work GO-32 on 9600

I'm trying to send a short e-mail message through GO-32 for the SSET without any luck. 
  On the radio side I'm using an FT-847, 30 el crossed ant on 70cm, 20 el crossed on 2m, AZ-EL rotor with no pre-amps and the tracking program is SatPc32. This set-up works fine for FM & SSB voice at about a 15W TX level.
  For a TNC I'm using an old l.L. Grace DSP-12. Set in UO-22 mode with the following settings:  
<UO-22 PKT> cmd:Beacon
BEAcon is EVERY 12 x 10 seconds
<UO-22 PKT> cmd:BT   
BText is :EMAIL     :wb9yig@arrl.net SSET from New
burgh, IN
<UO-22 PKT> cmd:UN
Unprotocol is CQ VIA ARISS 

  I can receive the downlink on 435.225 without any problem. For the uplink I'm on 145.825.
  The TX deviation has been set to 3kHz on the low and high tones in the calibrate mode. On a seperate monitor I can hear the TX going out on the beacon.
  My guess is that I don't have the TNC settings correct. Any help would be appreciated.
  Thanks//Dave WB9YIG

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