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SatPC32 with two Icom radio's...Help!!

I'm hoping that someone on the board can help me because I'm having problems trying to get my setup to work. I am now the proud and happy owner of an Icom 820H and an IC706-MKIIG. I have built and tested  a CT17 type interface circuit and I have it hooked up and working. The problem I'm having is setting up the dual radio configuration of SatPC32. I've read the help file many times over but I cannot seem to get the radio addresses configured as Erich states. Going by the file I'm assuming the addresses should read $42 $58 in the top address box and $58 $42 in the lower box. Nothing I do will make this happen. If  I alter them to that configuration, as soon as I hit the "address ok" button the lower box changes and both both boxes read $42 $58. There is some reference to using the "mode menu" in the file but I can't figure out where it helps. Another question I have is, should the transceive option be turned off on one or both rigs? I've tried every combination I can think of.
 This is what I'm trying to accomplish if possible, I want be able to use 2 meters on the 820 as the uplink and 10 meters on the 706 as the downlink. Mode A Oscar 7 in other words. I want to be able to use a 2 meters on the 820 as the uplink  and use the 706 in concert with my mode S down converter for my downlink. I'd also like to be able to sometimes use the 820 as a stand alone sat rig without the 706 involved at all. That's the only configuration I can get working at all right now. I hope all of the above makes sense because I must just be totally missing something in the help file and I'm getting frustrated as I'm anxious to be back on the birds.
Tnx for any help and advice anyone can offer,
Michael, W4HIJ
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